Saturday, March 22, 2008


Guhhhhhhh, it just gets more embarrassing to see the Blue Jays organization suck up to Red Sox fans.

Drunk Jays Fans gets credit for the find; the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, the Jays' farm team in the Double-A Eastern League, are going to have a Bobblehead Night for Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz this summer. Neither ever swung a bat or threw a pitch for the Fisher Cats, but they play for the nearby Boston Red Sox and well, there's profit to be had, right?

First it was selling tickets to Boston fans before offering the ducats to local supporters; now this. This is what happens when a screwhead like Paul Godfrey dictates the culture of an organization. Paul Beeston and Pat Gillick would never in a million years let one of their farm club muddy the Blue Jays brand. Major-league baseball teams typically have some sway over the promotions their affiliates hold. Suffice to say, the Fisher Cats sure didn't have to worry about offending the highers-up when they decided to smooch a little Masshole keister.

New Hampshire isn't hard up for fans. They set a club attendance record last season and that wasn't all from visits by Portland, Boston's farm team in the Eastern League.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Yeah, that's unfortunate: you'd think Godfrey and co. have their sights firmly set on drawing Red Sox fans whenever possible. If they had to do bobbleheads, couldn't they make it Fisher Cats players, or at the least Blue Jays' players? That would make much more sense from a marketing perspective in my mind: you want to try and build your brand, not help your competitors.

Pete Toms said...

I doubt that in any real way the New Hampshire owners give a crap what the Jays think.

I also doubt in any real way that the Jays do give a crap.

I also doubt in any real way if this has any measurable impact on the marketing / entertainment Red Sox juggernaut. Comprised of the renovated & yuppified Fenway, record tickt prices ( way higher than the Yanks ), record Fenway capacity ( expanded again this offseason ), NESN, FSG, the NASCAR partnership BS,

I doubt in any real way that a few bobbleheads in New Hampshire will impact on that bottom line.

I doubt in any real way that Blue Jay fans care about a few bobbleheads in New Hampshire.

I think we all need baseball season to start.

sager said...

That's the thing... the Jays don't give a crap.

Tyler King said...

Yeah.. Blue Jays bobbleheads... that'll get the fans out in New Hampshire. They're all huge Blue Jays fans.

I have a real weird feeling that Paul Godfrey doesn't exactly involve himself daily in the promotional scheduling of his team's AA affiliate.

sager said...

You guys are so literal sometimes. C'mon, get out your figurative pitchforks for Paul Godfrey.