Monday, February 25, 2008


There's no plans to start keeping tabs on local politics in Central New York, but it would be nice to have some clarity about how the Syracuse Chiefs' legal wrangling might affect the Blue Jays' plans for their Triple-A affiliate.

Long story short, the county says the community-owned Chiefs owe taxpayers close to a half-million dollars. The Chiefs says, "no, youowe us 280 large." No wonder the Paper of Record in Ottawa jumped to the conclusion that the Jays might be eager to make a clean break and put their Triple-A team in the capital. There's never been any legal wrangling between the City of Ottawa and a sports team. Just ask Ray Pecor.

Another Syracusan note: The video game Major League Baseball 2K8 has added a minor-league feature, so if your self-esteem is really suffering, you can pick yourself by doing the whole video-vicarious thing with such baseball superstars as Josh Banks, Russ Adams, and of course, Sal Fasano. No word on whether you can modify Sal's mustache.

(That's two notes originating out of the 'Cuse; still not ready to talk about the Orange's March Madness chances going down the dumper after that loss to, wait for it, Notre Dame.)

Audit deadline rolls past Chiefs (Syracuse Post-Standard)

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Pete Toms said...

Who the hell would buy a AAA franchise and move it to Ottawa?

How much is it gonna sell for? Good luck on that ROI in this market!

I miss AAA already but hey, GO RAPIDS ( RAPIDES? )!!!!