Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Now, no one could have anticipated this -- two games into the K-Rock Pot era and city councillors are already concerned about the attendance at Kingston Frontenacs games.

The city is budgeted for attendance to average 3,500 a game. Owner Doug Springer's club probably won't hit that level in any two of their remaining six home games (maybe for one of their two dates left vs. John Tavares and the Oshawa Generals). Who knows, we might start see the city start doing what a lot of voters who are OHL fans would have liked to seen a long time ago -- start turning the screws on Springer to ice a competitive team.

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Tyler King said...

They also consider themselves 'very conservative' by not budgeting for playoff revenue in year 1, but still budgeted for 4 playoff games in year 2.

There's no guarantee the Fronts will even compete for the playoffs next year, esp. given their recent drafting record. Some of the young guys will get better but that makes them a marginal #8 seed at best.