Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The only theory as to how the Baseball Hall of Fame snubbed the late, great Tom Cheek this time is that Bob Costas has a Napoleon complex.

That's got to be it. There can be no other explanation for why long-time Seattle Mariners play-by-play man Dave Niehaus is going into the broadcasters' wing of the Hall of Fame instead of Cheek. Costas, who's on the 19-member voting panel that committed this atrocity, is short of stature, and judging from the picture where he's sitting between 6-foot Miguel Olivo and 5-foot-10 Bret Boone, Niehaus is also on the short side. Tom Cheek, somewhat atypically among sports broadcasters, was a big galoot, standing about 6-foot-5.

Sounds completely cockamamie? So is snubbing a man who never missed a broadcast — pre-season, regular season, post-season – in 27-plus years with the Jays, a national broadcaster, calling All-Star Games and the World Series. What part of that is so hard to understand?

Mike (Awesome) Wilner, meantime, speaks very well for Jays fans who grew up listening to Tom and Jerry.

Swing and a Miss for Cooperstown (Mike Wilner)


Dennis Prouse said...

I don't mean to crack on journalists, but I don't take the selection of journalists for the Hall of Fame all that seriously. Firstly, it is terribly subjective and political, as we can see. Secondly, I believe that the Hall of Fame is about players, first and foremost. (If you think there are some questionable players in the Hockey Hall of Fame, for instance, just go check the Builders category.)

sager said...

That's a good point, Dennis .... in this case, though, it's very personal ... Tom Cheek really was the Blue Jays to a lot of people.