Thursday, December 06, 2007


Someone's been watching too many Entourage reruns...
  • Seeing the teasers for Will Ferrell's upcoming comedy Semi-Pro and reading comments at Yahoo! Sports -- fairly typical sample is, "Oh, now he's the 1970s basketball player in Flint, and not the 1970s newscaster in San Diego? -- kind of begs the question if he's been Scolaried.

    Scolaried, as defined by the L.A. Times' J.A. Adande, is the state of being "left behind by someone considered an equal at one time."

    Judd Apatow will have three Ferrell-free hits on his hands by the end of this calendar year, since Walk Hard, starring Mike Honcho himself, John C. Reilly, looks like a sure bet. Amy Adams, who played Ferrell's love interest in Talladega Nights, just got catapulted into stardom thanks to Enchanted (should have been for Junebug, but oh well). Steve Carell and Seth Rogen are both bankables, although you'd only notice that Rogen was in Anchorman if you've seen it 35 or more times (uh, according to what a friend says).
  • There's no point describing what goes on when Pierre McGuire and Gord Miller broadcast a game that Sidney Crosby is playing in: The Coming Crosby Backlash was already covered off almost a year ago.
  • Housekeeping item: Good friend and regular contributor Neil Acharya is contributing to The Score Forecaster; his first post is up today.
  • There's a primer on Tim Lincecum up at Hardball Times. It's nice, as a Jays fan, to picture him getting ground-ball outs off that changeup he developed last year.

    It's still damn hard to part with Alex Rios, though. He's a much better player than Delino DeShields was when the Expos swapped him for a young Pedro Martinez back in 1994.

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