Monday, August 27, 2007


It's hard to imagine anyone needs to indulge a nostalgia for the Jays' InterBrew era, but if someone does, turn to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre half of tonight's Lynx boxscore: There's was former Jays centre-fielder José Cruz Jr. in the lineup and "AGonzalez ss" (as in Alberto, not Alex) farther down in the lineup in the ScranYanks' 11-2 rout (boxscore, play-by-play) of Ottawa.

Of course, it would be a false nostalgia: Cruz was 4-for-5 with two runs scored and two RBI (hardly like his Toronto days) and AGonzalez was 3-for-5 and only struck out once. It seems that Alberto Gonzalez than his namesake (give or take a vowel) Alberto Gonzales.

Gary Burnham remains stuck on 81 RBI and the Lynx are stuck on 999 wins, by the way. The Phillies could probably care less: One of their minor-league prospects, 22-year-old right-hander Andrew Carpenter, threw a seven-inning perfect game for Clearwater in the Florida State League, high Single-A, tonight. That'll take attention away from Brett Myers! (OK, it won't.)

Lefty Fabio Castro (5-5, 3.76) starts tomorrow for the Lynx vs. ScranYanks righty Jeff Karstens (who's pitched 13 games with six different clubs this summer, including the Yankees).


Anonymous said...

Business Group Proposes Soccer Dome at Lynx Stadium: Citizen
Josh Pringle
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Ottawa business group wants to put a lid on Lynx Stadium if the International League baseball team leaves town at the end of the season.

Councillor Jacques Legendre tells the Ottawa Citizen City Council will consider a proposal this week from Ottawa Stadium Group to cover the stadium and construct two full-sized soccer fields.

The Citizen reports the two-year renovation could cost up to 40 million dollars.

What thinkest thou, Neate?

sager said...

On general principle, it's very hard to argue against anything that encourages participation in athletics. It's too bad this city works on an "either / or" principle -- "you can have your indoor soccer fields or a ballpark where you can watch a relax a game, but not both." Well, both are parts of the sports culture.

A colleague told me the other day he's got friends who want to play indoor footy and they have to play at midnight. The demand to play is far, far outstripping the supply of fields and number of hours in a day. Meantime, youth football is also in an upswing.

It's still not right what this city has done to drive the Lynx out.