Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Toronto's Joey Votto, the Cincinnati Reds prospect, has been named to the International League's all-star squad as the first baseman.

The sentiment around the Internets is that the Reds should give Votto a shot in September. As most of you know, Votto had an undiagnosed eyesight problem that was corrected about a month into the season. Since May 1, he has slugged .510 at Triple-A Louisville, with an on-base percentage just south of .400. Remember, this is in a league where only six players have slugged .500 over the whole season.

Votto should be at first base for Cincy on Opening Day next season unless the Reds do something dumb like moving Adam Dunn and his $12 million salary to first base instead of seeing what they get for him from the Yankees. Project Prospect isn't too impressed with the Reds having Votto play the outfield for Louisville.

Might as well jump in early on this one: Does anyone know how the Jays' schedule of interleague opponents works? (Smart-aleck answer: "Not very well.) The American League East will play the NL Central next season and the Jays haven't played the Reds since 2003, and that was in Cincinnati. It seems like Votto could have a homecoming next season.

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