Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Brent would be a better NBA owner than the Dunderhead in Cleveland

It is just kind funny to contrast to see what the guy who portrayed the definitive rude and crude boss, David Brent, says about Steve Carell leaving The Office franchise, compared to what another guy said recently about a star leaving his franchise.
"It was expected of me, as executive producer, to persuade him to stay on. With syndication in full swing the more successful the show remains, the more billions we all make. It was tempting, but the truth is, I believe he is doing the right thing. He's fulfilled his contract and more, and is a huge film star now ... I'd be lying if I said he should do more. He shouldn't. He should move on, continue to do great work."
Would that Dan Gilbert had an iota of Ricky Gervais' sense and self-awareness.

Something else Gervais did with The Office that Gilbert never did in James' seven years in Cleveland: Surround the star with a deep supporting cast.

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