Wednesday, July 14, 2010

100 favourite movies ...

So, the assignment is to list 100 favourite movies without explanations or research, no checking Rotten Tomatoes, no making sure that a great film is on there. Arrange them in alphabetical order, but once you have 100, no takebacks.

Here's what came out:

  1. A Beautiful Mind

  2. Absence of Malice

  3. Airplane!

  4. Almost Famous

  5. American History X

  6. American Splendor

  7. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

  8. Any Given Sunday

  9. All The President's Men

  10. Bamboozled

  11. BASEketball

  12. The Big Lebowski

  13. Blazing Saddles!

  14. Bull Durham

  15. Boogie Nights

  16. Boyz n The Hood

  17. The Cable Guy

  18. Casablanca

  19. Casino

  20. Chinatown

  21. Dazed and Confused

  22. Dead Man on Campus

  23. Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

  24. Drowning Mona

  25. Eight Men Out

  26. Election

  27. Eurotrip

  28. Fargo

  29. Fahrenheit 9/11

  30. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  31. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  32. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  33. Fever Pitch (original UK version)

  34. Fletch

  35. Full Metal Jacket

  36. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  37. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

  38. Gandhi

  39. Glengarry Glen Ross

  40. Goodfellas

  41. Grosse Pointe Blank

  42. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

  43. High Fidelity

  44. Hoop Dreams

  45. Hoosiers

  46. Hot Tub Time Machine

  47. Inglorious Basterds

  48. The Jerk

  49. Just Friends

  50. Kill Bill Vol. 2

  51. The Last Waltz

  52. Little Miss Sunshine

  53. The Longest Yard

  54. Lost In Translation

  55. Love And Death

  56. Mallrats

  57. Master & Commander

  58. Mean Girls

  59. Million Dollar Baby

  60. National Lampoon's Animal House

  61. Network

  62. North Dallas Forty

  63. Not Another Teen Movie

  64. Office Space

  65. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

  66. Owning Mahowny

  67. The Paper

  68. Platoon

  69. Pulp Fiction

  70. Raging Bull

  71. Reservoir Dogs

  72. Rocky

  73. Rushmore

  74. Say Anything

  75. The Shawshank Redemption

  76. Slap Shot

  77. Smokey And The Bandit

  78. Snatch

  79. Sometimes In April

  80. Stand By Me

  81. Star Wars

  82. Stripes

  83. Superbad

  84. Swingers

  85. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

  86. Taxi Driver

  87. There's Something About Mary

  88. This Is Spinal Tap

  89. The Truman Show

  90. Top Secret!

  91. The Untouchables

  92. The Usual Suspects

  93. V For Vendetta

  94. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

  95. Wall Street

  96. Whale Music

  97. What About Bob?

  98. Without Limits

  99. Wonder Boys

  100. Youth in Revolt


Anonymous said...

How can The Natural be omitted?


sager said...

No explaining ... uh, probably because I liked the novel better and was conscious of keeping the sports movies down to a minimum. How many do I have, anyway? 10?

The Natural is pretty good. God, I hope there is no remake.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea for a movie list.
Pick the ten WORST sports themed movies of all time.
Here are a couple of suggestions:
The Babe Ruth Story 1948...starring William Bendix,it is a bona fide triple threat as the worst "baseball" movie, the worst sports movie in general and the worst biopic of all time.
Also, Miracle On Ice.
Arguably the worst made-for-TV sports movie ever and one of the worst MFTV's in any genre ever.
It starred Karl Malden...born the role of Herb Brooks...born 1937.
Instead of playing Brooks, it looked like Malden was playing Mike Stone playing Herb Brooks.
Anyway, the ludicrous miscasting of Malden was actually the least of the problems with this sad ass production.
Thank god for "Miracle" took almost 25 years, but somebody finally got it right.

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