Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blog blast past: Niedermayer as captain? Could 'C' that coming from 2 years away

Good friend Neil Acharya totally called Scott Niedermayer being captain of Team Canada. From June 11, 2007:
There has been talk that Scott Niedermayer could retire after leading the Anaheim Ducks to the Stanley Cup. It says here no such thing will happen. Not only is Niedermeyer coming off a tremendous season, capturing the Conn Smythe Trophy and Stanley Cup, he also enjoyed the highest point total of his career.
"Out of any NHL team that has won the Cup in over the past three seasons, Anaheim is the best suited for a repeat. Farther down the line, in 2010, the Olympics will be in Vancouver. Although he already has an Olympic gold medal, can you imagine Niedermayer playing in front of a rabid audience in his home province? He’ll be 37 years old by then, but Steve Yzerman was playing his 19th season during the 2002 Salt Lake gold medal run with Canada and Chris Chelios captained the U.S. Olympic hockey team well into his 40s.

Niedermayer is currently playing some the best hockey of his life. I'm predicting he will be in Vancouver with a letter on his sweater.

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