Friday, August 07, 2009

3 strikes against outing ballplayers

Well, since it is two years to the day since Barry Bonds, who will be vindicated yet, becoming Major League Baseball's all-time home run leader...

Circling The Bases and It's About The Money, Stupid had the better rebuttals to baseball great Henry Aaron having no use for the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution (unreasonable search and seizure) by saying the names of all the ballplayers who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The former National League outfielder Doug Glanville also wrote a great op-ed for The New York Times:
"When all is said and done, these players are simply 'users,' low men on the totem pole of a drug scheme. The players lying at hearings and in the media are creating a distraction and getting in the way of the investigators’ ability to do their job. They are also inhibiting their need to focus on the more significant issues, like the suppliers and the source of these drugs. We’re talking amounts that are changing local economies, not the meager thousands of dollars these guys spent in a year on their 'fix.'

"I think the release of this list of 104 would be a travesty. The promise of confidentiality was in place to allow players to be more willing to provide a true test. We can't go back and change the rules after the fact and then claim we are now noble and honorable."
What individual players think is kind of immaterial. Major League Baseball needs to nip this story in the bud and protect the players' right, lest it invite a lawsuit. It's pretty simple. Announce a blanket amnesty for any player who wants to unburden himself and try to have leakers in the U.S. government Nifonged.

Even if every name was out, you would still have players who managed to beat the test. You'll never know, but we'll have jokes that a struggling player should start cheating like yesterday. That's another shade of grey someone had pointed out to "Only God Can Stop The Leaks" Scanlan. If there is a God, there are bigger things to worry about than who stuck a needle in his tuccus.

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