Thursday, August 06, 2009

Golf in the Olympics? No.

A post about the IOC deciding which sports to add to the 2016 Summer Olympics is off-topic ... it is also in the wheelhouse of a male feminist/Seamhead/golf hater.

"The buzz is that golf has an excellent chance, especially given its backing by the likes of Tiger Woods. But choosing golf and rejecting softball would be another slap in the face at women, since the Olympic Golf Committee also includes Augusta National Golf Club and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, both of which do not allow women as members."
Golf is completely antithetical to the Olympic movement, which explains why the IOC would love it so much. The the Olympics does not need it and it does need it the Olympics, save for replacing sponsorship dollars.

It is worth speaking up for the softballers now rather than in November. The Olympics is the one time for Danielle Lawrie to appear in Canadians' living rooms. Mike Weir is there every week.

To walk the walk about supporting women, IOC must pick softball for 2016 (Philip Hersh, Chicago Tribune)


Anonymous said...

While I enjoy golf as both a participant and a spectator, I don't believe in any way that it should be part of the Olympic Games.
In fact, I think the Olympic tennis competition, as it now stands, is something of a joke.
An Olympic golf tournament will probably be the same, nothing more than a third rate PGA tour stop.
Eliminating softball, even though it is thoroughly dominated by the US, was a big mistake.
Surely, growth in international softball will take a huge blow by this unwarranted decision.
Olympic hockey was once dominated by Canada, but if the Olympic competition had been eliminated decades ago, you would not have seen the growth in the game you see today.
Ditto men's basketball.
Also, the women who compete in ski jumping should be there, too.
Sometimes I wonder what the IOC is thinking, if indeed they think at all.

Dennis Prouse said...

We think golf is a very deserving Olympic sport!

Yours sincerely,

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Big V said...

If Golf was an Olympic Sport... Would players skip a tournament where they could win 800K, or would they go in a tournament where winner take all 1 gold medal?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the Olympics and "Amateur" Competition?

Any other sport players train for this one event...