Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Reality Check: To Clarify OOLF's Status

In light of recent events, there's some concern that we need to clarify what exactly is going on here on OOLF in the next few weeks.

First off, let's be clear that this is not in anyway, shape or form a shut-down of OOLF.

We're in the midst of a wholescale re-think here regarding the future of this blog. We need to figure out what our identity is in, quite frankly, a sea of blogs. We need to relaunch the site's visual identity, refresh the content base and what have you. This is important for us not only as writers, but it's only fair to you -- our readers. We want you to keep enjoying this site for what it is: a blog that commits to quality in everything it does.

This is where you -- our readers -- come in.

We want honest feedback from you all about what you want on this site. What can make it better? What do you like on here? What don't you like? Please comment on what you love about OOLF, what you'd like to see more of.

Interested in writing for us? Email us at oolf.writers(at) -- we'd love to hear from you, especially if you have a specific beat of interest you like covering, anything from hockey to the Olympics to sports ethics.

We appreciate it -- thank you for making us part of your daily web visits. Again, we are not leaving, just thinking about the future of OOLF.

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