Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Buh-bye to the blogosphere, for a bit

It's said a door never closes without a window opening.

With that in mind, Out of Left Field users are owed the truth. This site needs to be re-invented. It was good for mid-2006, but that is like the Mesozoic Era in blog years. However, the site, concept, what have you, needs to be re-invented or re-invigorated in order for it to be fun and fulfilling for all involved. It's not a shutdown, it's more of pause and reflect. The invitation is out there for new writers. Any and all ideas about how to changes its look or tighten its focus should be considered.

Any questions, e-mail neate.sager(at), neate.sager(at) or oolf.writers(at) Thank you so much to those who have supported this site since 2006. Hang in there. Hopefully the ride will start up again without too long a wait.


Anonymous said...

About time Sager gave it up!

eyebleaf said...
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eyebleaf said...

Ah, the douchebaggery of the Anonymous commenter. It never ends.

Sager, you're a rudey. Come back soon. I know a bunch of us will take you to task if you don't.


Jordie Dwyer said...

Sager....come back and stay in touch...especially if I go over to the dark side soon, I'll need somewhere to vent my sports frustrations and commendations...
And don't all of us Sun Media people need a refresh sometimes? Lord knows we don't catch a break at work.

MisterDB said...

First Tyler and now you.....where will get our real look at sports instead of all this main stream garbage.

Thank you for keeping things real, it sure was a pleasure to read everyday, hopefully your return will be soon

Anonymous said...

What a dark day for Ottawa sports blogging...the kings of kings hangs 'em up, and TUC comes wafting back like a stale fart...

Neate does this every year, just after the Nathan's hot dog eating contest on July 4. Neate, I know what you're thinking: If you put aside this childish sports fascination, not unlike the dude in the movie trailer a couple of posts below, you could really craft your competitive eating skills. And for once you'd be right.
No sleep til Coney Island!

Frank D'Angelo

Dennis Prouse said...

This sucks. There are precious few places where one can read intelligent thoughts on sports issues, and not all concentrated on NHL and NFL, either. I am not always a fan of every last sport Neate blogs on, but strangely that`s why I am drawn to this blog. I hope you reconsider, Neate, or at the very least bring the re-launch forward ASAP. You have an audience, as geeky as we are, and this blog is an oasis in a desert of mainstream garbage.

Here`s a thought -- why don`t you tagteam with Erin? You guys are both smart, outside the box thinkers, but you bring different strengths to the table as bloggers - you bring a little more introspection, and she brings a little more snark and edge. I think it would be a heck of a combination.

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up, Neate.

You're a martyr for putting up with the wild, wild internet for so long.