Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Halladays of Reckoning: Philadelphia freedom(not really)

For those who do not have Sirius or XM, please know that J.P. Ricciardi told MLB Home Plate that it was "75% he stays" with respect to Roy Halladay.

As J.P. told the New York Post, "My gut feeling is no trade gets done because we value him as one of the five best players in the game, and I don't think people will meet the price tag for that kind of talent."

Dave Cameron, writing at FanGraphs, has a ballpark figure on what teams might have to give up: "To acquire the Jays ace, teams should be expected to surrender something like $40 million in value.

"What does $40 million in value look like? Something like three terrific prospects who are not that far from the majors. No one's giving up players from the Matt Wieters/David Price mold, but it’s going to take several players from that second prospect tier, the top 25-50 type guys.

"Phillies fans - that’s Dominic Brown, Kyle Drabek, and Carlos Carrasco. Mets fans? Fernando Martinez, Wilmer Flores, and Jenrry Mejia.

"You get the idea. If the Blue Jays trade Roy Halladay, they’re going to ask for the moon."

Meantime, Baseball Daily Digest figures taking Vernon Wells' contract (thank you again, Paul Godfrey) off the Jays' hands would be part of any deal" "From Toronto’s perspective, I think they need to undo the organization’s brutal miscalculation with Vernon Wells ... Wells is the 2nd-worst player in baseball this season, costing the team 20 runs on defense while batting at a -2.6 (vs replacement) value, and it’s taken a couple good days for him to get out of last place (Jose Guillen just wants it worse, I guess)."

Wells is part of the deal? More like deal-breaker.

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Anonymous said...

Since no GM in their right mind will take the Wells contract (unless they get a guarantee that he'll opt out - there's a first) it sadly looks like the Doc is gone. This sucks. They can afford to pay him, but won't. Just when the flukey hot start attracted some fans, all will be lost when they trade Roy. It would be different if he was 37, he is not. He is 33, and at his prime. Yes the downswing is coming, but do we not want to see him next year in a rotation with Marcum, Romero, MacGowan and whatever fifth guy between Janssen/Litsch/Cecil?? And with Snyder a little more matured/polished..and one more FA signing they are there.. That IS the window right there. Unless you get a top tier prospect/current guy (Price, Hanson, kershaw) I say wait til next a good way for once..