Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturdays with Mr. Canoehead

It's all raisins off an Oldsmobile ...

... Vernon Wells being rewarded for his sucktacular hitting by being moved up in the lineup.

... The BBC reporting that the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Stanley Cup. Everyone knows the complexion of the series changed when Mike Tomlin switched up his lines and put out Mewelde Moore with Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes.

... Wondering how Steelers Penguins' Hal Gill managed to get only one minor penalty in a seven-game series vs. the Detroit Red Wings. There were more than a few rumblings throughout the final that the NHL had reverted to the "one set of rules for the first three rounds, another for the finals" officiating.

Finding out that your heroes on the '85 Blue Jays might have played a game while hammered drunk. Well, at least according to to the self-effacing spin the old knuckleballer, Phil Niekro, put on it:
"Finally, did you know Niekro, then donning Yankees pinstripes, won his 300th without throwing his patented knuckler until the final batter he faced? He was 46 years old at the time. And he fanned the guy.

"(Toronto) beat us and clinched the (division) pennant, and I think they were so 'champagned-out', I don't think they knew who was pitching, who they were playing against or what I was throwing up there," he said with a laugh."
Careful, Phil, you don't want Geoff Baker after you for making reckless allegations about players using performance-diminishing drugs. That's a real damning innuendo to be making.

Roy Halladay coming out of the Blue Jays' loss vs. the Florida Marlins with an injured groin. It renders all the talk about the lineup academic since without Doc, the Jays are done.

The Jays play more than half their remaining schedule (51 of 99) vs. the Rays, Yankees and Red Sox, who are first, second and fourth in the majors in runs scored. In the words of Robin Scherbatsky, "Life's gonna be rough, boys."

Who ends up owning the NFL's St. Louis Rams. The Rams have owners? It was assumed all along their arrangement was something like PBS. No defence, no mercy!

New England Hockey Journal calling the Kingston Frontenacs "one of the OHL's most storied franchises." They're definitely in the top 20.

Quebecor trying to launch a cable sports network when some of their newspaper offices no longer have water coolers, or even reporters.

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