Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mornings with Mr. Canoehead

It's all raisins off an Oldsmobile. None of this should have kept you up at night.

... Knowing today is not the day when you will finally go a full 24 hours without feeling embarrassed by Canada. The NHL Free Agent Special starts on TSN2 at noon.

... Sarah Palin telling Runner's World she could beat Barack Obama in a footrace. It didn't work out so well the last eight years when the U.S. had a president who was tryin' to be the best at exercisin', instead of governin'.

(About Canada Day. Fair is fair, though, and you're dead inside if you don't love the clip of Chandra Crawford singing O Canada at the Olympics three years ago.)

... those nonsense stories you see every year around Canada Day about how a shockingly high percentage of Canadians can't identify "famous faces." Do you think any other country measures patriotism by the ability to ID someone from a 125-year-old photo?

... wondering how long it will take the Toronto Blue Jays to get the scent out Paul Godfrey out of the good linen (see Vernon Wells' contract and nostalgia hire Cito Gaston burning out his best hitters).

... realizing one of the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be 1-0 tomorrow. Great, now they'll probably tie.

... the CFL not making the Montréal Alouettes appear at the stadium in Calgary yesterday to promote the second half of tonight's CFL season-opening doubleheader, "forcing the media hordes to battle downtown traffic" to get interviews (Calgary Herald). Think about it. The CFL is such a slick, professional operation that it induces feelings of nostalgia when it does drop the ball. Where is Murray Pezim when you need him?

... Vibe magazine folding. What happened to the money from Peter Gibbons buying 40 subscriptions? (Wait, that was in Office Space.)


Anonymous said...

Great blog, but it's time to let go of the Bush hatred, don't you think?

sager said...

I thought I was getting out front on the Palin hatred. Damn it!