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CFL 2009: On Canada Day, 111 reasons to follow Canadian university football

On a per-team basis, Canada West is best at providing a pipeline to the CFL.

Last year this time, Duane Rollins provided a complete list of Canadian-trained players on CFL rosters. It provides a thumbnail sketch about how Canadian Interuniversity Sport players are faring in the pros. It's timely, with alumni such as Andy Fantuz (Western, pictured near right) becoming an impact receiver for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and likes of UBC grad Shea Emry (right photo) getting a start at middle linebacker tonight for the Montréal Alouettes. By our count, there are 111 CIS players either on an active roster or the nine-game injured list.

However, this list also might suggest this country's universities could be doing a better job. It's not clear if there's a cause-and-effect, but the two teams with the least CIS representation were also in the Grey Cup last fall. The full breakdown is after the jump.

By team — Saskatchewan Roughriders 21, Winnipeg Blue Bombers 17, Toronto Argonauts 17, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 14, Edmonton Eskimos 13, Montréal Alouettes 11, Calgary Stampeders 9, B.C. Lions 9.

By CIS conference — Canada West 41 (5.9 per team), OUA 41 (4.1), Québec 18 (3), Atlantic 11 (2.8).

By CIS school —
10 — McMaster
8 — Regina
7 — Laval, Manitoba, Queen's, Saint Mary's, Saskatchewan
6 — Simon Fraser
5 — UBC, Calgary, Laurier, Ottawa, Western
4 — Concordia, Windsor
3 — Alberta, Bishop's, McGill, York
2 — Acadia, St. FX
1 — Guelph, Sherbrooke, Waterloo
0 — Montréal, Mount Allison, U of T
Here's the complete list:Saskatchewan Roughriders (21)

Offence — Jason Clermont, SB, Regina; Andy Fantuz, WR, Western; Chris Getzlaf, SB, Regina; Rob Bagg, WR, Queen's; Adam Nicolson, WR, Ottawa; Dave McKoy, WR, Guelph (injured); Neal Hughes, FB, Regina; Gene Makowsky, G, Saskatchewan; Chris Best, G, Waterloo, Nick Hutchins, OL, Regina; Jordan Rempel, OL, Saskatchewan.

Defence — Kevin Scott, DT, Queen's; Sasha Glavic, LB, Windsor; Mike McCullough, LB, St. FX; Tamon George, CB, Regina; Jeff Zelinski, DB, Saint Mary's; Sebastian Clovis, DB, Saint Mary's; Leron Mitchell, DB, Western (injured).

Specialists — Jamie Boreham, P, Manitoba; Luca Congi, K, SFU; Jocelyn Frenette, LS, Ottawa

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (17)

Offence — Daryl Stephenson, RB, Windsor; Arjei Franklin, SB, Windsor; Aaron Hargreaves, WR, SFU; Ibrahim Khan, OL, SFU; Kelly Bates, G, Saskatchewan; Ryan Donnelly, OL, McMaster; Brendon LaBatte, OL, Regina; Steve Morley, OL, Saint Mary's; Lorne Plante, C, Manitoba.

Defence — Doug Brown, DT, SFU; Don Oramasionwu, DT, Manitoba; Pierre-Luc Labbé, LB, Sherbrooke; Brady Browne, DB, Manitoba; Steven Holness, DB, Ottawa; Ian Logan, S, Laurier.

Specialist — Chris Cvetkovic, LS, Concordia; Mike Renaud, P, Concordia.

Toronto Argonauts (17)

Offence — Bryan Crawford, RB, Queen's; André Durie, RB, York; Jeff Johnson, FB-RB, York (injured); Mike Bradwell, SB, McMaster; Tyler Scott, WR, Western; Brad Smith, WR, Queen's; Andre Talbot, WR, Laurier (injured); Dominic Picard, C, Laval; Jeff Keeping, G, Western; Mark Dewit, G, Calgary.

Defence — Adrian Davis, tackle, Concordia; Étienne Légaré, tackle, Laval;
Randy Srochenski, LB, Regina; Jason Pottinger, LB, McMaster; Jean-Nicolas Carrière, LB, McGill (injured); Delroy Clarke, CB, Ottawa (injured); James Green, S, Calgary.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (14)

Offence — Simeon Rottier, OL, Alberta; Alexandre Gauthier, OL, Laval; Chris Bauman, WR, Regina; Dave Stala, WR-K, Saint Mary's; Darcy Brown, FB, Saint Mary's; Andre Sadeghian, RB, McMaster.

Defence — Matt Kirk, DT, Queen's; Agustin Barrenchea, LB, Calgary; Ray Mariuz, LB, McMaster; Yannick Carter, LB, Laurier; Dylan Barker, DB, Saskatchewan; Marc Beswick, DB, Saint Mary's; Sandy Beveridge, DB, UBC.

Specialist — Matt Robichaud, LS, Bishop's.

Edmonton Eskimos (13)

Offence — Jesse Lumsden, RB, McMaster; Chris Ciezki, RB, UBC; Mathieu Bertrand, FB, Laval; Graeme Bell, FB, Saskatchewan; John Comiskey, C, Windsor; Kyle Koch, OL, McMaster; Gordon Hinse, OL, Alberta.

Defence — Dee Sterling, tackle, Queen's; Justin Cooper, DE, Manitoba; Tim St. Pierre, LB, Saint Mary's, Elliott Richardson, DB, Acadia; Scott Gordon, DB, Ottawa.
Specialist — Derek Schiavone, K-P, Western (injured).

Montréal Alouettes (11)

Offence — Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, C, Laval; Scott Flory, G, Saskatchewan; Mike Giffin, FB, Queen's; Dylan Steenbergen, T, Calgary (injured).

Defence — Jeff Robertshaw, DE, McMaster; Shea Emry, LB, UBC; Joel Wright, LB, Laurier; Cory Huclack, LB, Manitoba (injured); Mathieu Proulx, S, Laval; Doug Goldsby, S, UBC; Paul Woldu, CB, Saskatchewan.

B.C. Lions (9)

Offence — Greg Hetherington, SB, McGill; Angus Reid, C, SFU; Dean Valli, G, SFU; Andrew Jones, OL, McMaster.

Defence — Ricky Foley, DE, York; Javy Glatt, LB, UBC; James Yurichuk, LB, Bishop's; Jason Arakgi, S, McMaster.

Specialist — Dan McCullough, LS, Bishop's.

Calgary Stampeders (9)

Offence — Brett Ralph, WR, Alberta; Godfrey Ellis, G, Acadia; Tim O'Neill, C, Calgary; Derek Armstrong, G, St. FX (injured).
Defence — Miguel Robede, DT, Laval; Justin Phillips, DE, Laurier; Wes Lysack, DB, Manitoba
Specialist — Burke Dales, P, Concordia; Randy Chevrier, LS, McGill.

For point of comparison, there are numbers available which count practice-squad players. This list counts players on the active roster and nine-game injured list.

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