Friday, May 15, 2009

Morning with Mr. Canoehead...

Stuff that bounces off your head like raisins off an Oldsmobile ...

The logic of those attack ads aimed at Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff basically meaning that Wayne Gretzky isn't an authentic Canadian. He's spent too much of his life outside the country, too.

Any guilt over not caring about major junior hockey's Memorial Cup unless you live in the city of a participating team. It's not your fault the Canadian Hockey League takes two weekends to decide a championship that can be done in one (OHL champ plays the QMJHL champ in the semi-final, winner plays the WHL in the final, over).

The sneaking suspicion that Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston's refusal to have Lyle Overbay pinch-hit for Kevin Millar against right-handed pitchers can be traced back to at-bat music. Overbay's song is Creed's One. You deserve to be spot-welded to the bench for that.

Rogers Sportsnet's Mike Toth ripping Roy Halladay for, in Tother's twisted logic, "not promoting baseball" in Toronto. This from someone whose ant overlords at Rogers Communications, Inc., sold off Blue Jays telecasts to TSN2, meaning fans can't watch some big games.

Newspaper publishers being crybabies about Google even though Google is willing to show them how to keep their pages from being indexed. The last thing anyone wants is for their content to be easily found.

The Rogers/TSN2 flap has continued to put the screws to NBA fans in Canada (the few, the proud) even long after the Raptors' season ended. TSN was scheduled to show a few games of the NBA conference finals, but it's got the NHL and the the Blue Jays-Red Sox series next week.

Lastly, great line from last night's 30 Rock: "We should go to a Yankees game. I have seats in the section between the players' wives and the players' mistresses ... I never go on Bat Day." At least the Yankees are going to start letting people into the good seats during batting practice.

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Dennis Prouse said...

In Wayne's defence, he has another 13 years to go until he has spent as much time out of the country as Ignatieff did.

Oh, and what is with the Memorial Cup going to Rimouski? God bless the good people of Rimouski, but I am shocked that the CHL was willing to put it in an arena that only holds 4500. Still, between TV money and ticket sales, the tournament will make a boatload of cash for the CHL, as it does every year. I won't watch every game, but as a hockey fan I will watch the Final. Every seat in that arena will be sold, and plenty of merchandise will move. The players, meanwhile, aren't being paid at all. That's a great business model. Heck, they would run a three week tournament if they thought they could get away with it.