Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning with Mr. Canoehead ...

Stuff that should bounce off you like raisins off an Oldsmobile ...

Alex Rodríguez told a Cleveland columnist that "basketball and golf" are his favourite sports — two weeks after he told a Toronto writer he "can't get enough of" hockey. It's like someone — call him Steve S., no, too obvious, S. Simmons — got sucked in Rodriguez's PR spin.

The fact the prison (Pittsburgh Instition) that Mike Danton has been moved to is actually closer to David Frost's house than the one he was at before.

Being over 30. It means 29-year-old MP Pierre Poilievre is no longer your generational representation in the House of Commons. When the best defence for someone is that he is not necessarily racist, just an idiot, maybe he shouldn't be in Parliament.

Doug Gilmour was interviewed on Rogers Sportsnet during the Red Sox-Jays game last night. Talk about timing: The Jays had lost nine in a row, so they talk to the coach of the Kingston Frontenacs. And what happened during the same inning Gilmour was interviewed? The Jays scored five runs and won the game, so Gilmour was responsible for a turnaround that might only last one game — just like with the Fronts.

(Actually, Peter Zezel must have been pulling some strings.)

Christian Lacroix filing for court protection. It's tough to feel symapthy for a company which sold clothes which people couldn't fit into even if they could afford them.

Something to be grateful for is the British practice of listing the home team first in a sports schedule, which opposite to how it's done in North America. It eliminates the confusion that arises when the TV listings say, "Breakfast at Wembley." Sometimes it takes a second to realize there's no team called Breakfast.

Lastly, the line of the week from TV Feeds My Family, on the morally bankrupt Save Local TV campaign: "The Canadian network program buyers are down in LA right now, doing their damnedest to save local television. Somehow — even though they all say they're broke — they'll come back from the annual LA screenings with most of the 22 new U.S. network offerings."

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