Friday, May 29, 2009

CIS Corner: Improving the Top 10 poll

Veteran journalists Mike Hogan of The FAN 590 i in Toronto and Jim Mullin of CKNW in Vancouver have a new initiative which could help better co-ordinate media coverage of Canadian university football.

The two are forming the University Football Reporters of Canada (, which at first glance sounds promising. Their efforts would include overhauling how the Top 10 is voted on, although it's unclear how they could improve on Duane Rollins' Top 27.

Another idea is to honour the sport's history through the creation of a wing for university football at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

For the Top 10, the UFRC proposes having a combined coaches' and media poll. The media side would include six voters from the West, six from Ontario, six from the Atlantic/Qu├ębec region, six national media members and three at-large members. It sounds like it could make the polling more transparent, which would reduce the accusations of a regional bias.

Again, it sounds like a great idea and it would be a honour to participate somehow.

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