Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liveblog: How about those Blue Jays?

It's a liveblog: Yankees-Jays.

Incidentally, how about the play the team got from Jerry Crasnick at ESPN.com?
"The Jays' superb play is putting a new slant on a tired storyline. Instead of assaulting general manager J.P. Ricciardi with the question, 'When are you going to trade Roy Halladay?' inquiring ball writers can feel free to ask 'Who the heck is Scott Richmond?'

"If Boston, New York and Tampa Bay had broken out of the gate quickly and left the Blue Jays in their dust, contending clubs everywhere would be assembling trade proposals for Halladay, who will enter the "walk year" of his three-year, $40 million contract this winter.

"Quietly, subtly, the question has been turned sideways: If Toronto contends for a playoff berth or makes the postseason, could it improve the chances of re-signing Halladay before he approaches free agency?"
Let's not go nuts (although Halladay might just want to be a career Blue Jay, who knows).

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eyebleaf said...

How about some props for J.P.?