Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snark break...

As you were continuing to give people who were in gifted classes a bad name ...

Apologies for not going in-depth on the NFL draft, but so many do it so well. Daily Norseman summed up the Lions taking Matthew Stafford No. 1 overall thusly: "I'm not sold on the guy as a franchise QB. But, the Lions apparently are ... and that's all that matters.

Ottawa Senators players scored four of Canada's six goals vs. Belarus on Friday. It all makes sense why the Sennies missed the playoffs: Dany Heatley wanted to become the Canada's all-time goal scoring leader at the world championship.*

Sportsnet made a good move by airing the first-place Blue Jays' two-touchdown win over Chicago White Sox on two channels and put the Red Sox-Yankees game on the other two. Jason Bay hit a tying home run off Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning and the Red Sox won in the 11th. If this keeps up, the Red Sox and Yankees should have a real battle for that wild-card spot (kidding).

Congratulations to the Brampton Battalion for reaching the OHL final for the first time. Does this mean the Kingston Frontenacs are no longer obligated to trade their best 19-year-old forward to Brampton every season? (Matt "President" Kang this season, Cory Emmerton last season.)

The Legendary Chris Thomas used to say he lasted so long in one town because he always gave everyone a say, a fair shake. In the spirit of that, kudos to Sportsnet for splitting up the two games. It was a win-win. Of course, then someone had to go and spell the Brampton team's name wrong on the website. D'oh.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:

  • Kingston native Scott Arniel is expected to be the next AHL coach to get a shot in the NHL. Don't come crying to me that one Alberta paper spelled his name "Arneil." People from Ontario can't make jokes about Alberta schools not teaching "i before e," since at least that province didn't take until 2000 to realize high school should only be four years.

  • Cincinnati Reds slugger Joey Votto is willing to suffer fools gladly.

  • Former Queen's running back Brian Crawford, now a veteran special teamer with the Toronto Argonauts, was featured in a Globe & Mail story about CFL players and their off-season jobs.

    (Any Gaels runner is going to have a tough time matching the Brad Elberg standard, but Crawford was a favourite. He was the classic halfback who could run between the tackles, catch the ball and return punts and kickoffs.

(* Snide comment about Heatley only meant to evoke the jokes Steve Spurrier, when he was with the Florida Gators, always made about rival Tennessee: "Now I know why Peyton Manning came back for his senior year: He wanted to be three-time MVP of the Citrus Bowl.")

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