Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hoserdome 2009: Day 10ish

  1. John Tortorella brings the party with him. It's under review by the NHL and the fan who was hit by the water bottle is pretty ticked:

  2. A former Flyers draft choice named Ladislav Scurko has confessed to killing a referee.
  3. Agree with it or send it back, but The Score's Al Strachan was priceless when talking about what the Canadiens should do with Carey Price, saying the should get an older person to be his "minder," nothing Minnesota did that for Marian Gaborik when he first came Stateside: "They need someone who's going to say, 'Carey, we're not going to the ballet tonight.' " Young guts get to Montreal, they like to rip a tear a bit
  4. It's too bad it didn't work out for the Belleville Bulls and Mike Murphy in the OHL playoffs. Onward and upward.

Who what plays today:

Pittsburgh leads Philadelphia 3-2 (3 p.m., CBC) — It's impossible to feel cynical when you hear the story about Flyers scout John Chapman saving a mother and two-month-old baby from drowning.

As for this series, every first round has one series that you're just not that into unless you cheer for one of the teams, or have a lot of their guys in a hockey pool. Typically, it stems from too much after-the-whistle silliness. A Quebec-based reader reported that at one point in the third period on Thursday, the Devils and Hurricanes played seven minutes of hockey while only four minutes passed in the Flyers-Pens game.

Calgary, Chicago tied 2-2 (9 p.m., TSN) — The Flames' talisman, Jarome Iginla, didn't take the morning skate, for what that is worth. Read into that what you will.

The subtext is that neither the Flames' Miikka Kiprusoff (.908 save percentage) nor the Blackhawks' Nikolai Khabibulin (.883) have pulled too many goals back. The first team whose goalie does probably wins.

Anaheim leads San Jose 3-1 (10 p.m. CBC) — Everything really could be coming up Canucks. An Anaheim win would mean Vancouver gets the Calgary-Chicago winner.

Who's playing tomorrow:

Nye Rangers lead Washington 3-2 (2 p.m., NBC/TSN) —
Going off the last game means saying Washington is up to the job. Benching Sean Avery didn't work out for the Rangers, as all the wiseguys predicted. The Rangers seem pretty fragile.

New Jersey leads Carolina 3-2 (7:30, TSN) — The simplest explanation is that the Devils of old would not lose two in a row. The current ones might still close it out Sunday.

It's funny as hell that a previous joke made light of how this has been the best series not enough people have watched and it turns out NBC wasn't going to show the Sunday game if the other "Patrick Division" matchup had ended Friday. They would have rather shown nothing than the NHL, hence.

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Keith Borkowsky said...

Scurko: 25-years to life for slashing.

Time of the penalty, closing time.