Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two more years; enough time for Riggins to finally graduate

The word is Friday Night Lights could get two more seasons:
"The one possible complication? The show's behind-the-scenes quarterback, Jason Katims, is attached to NBC's buzzy Parenthood pilot. If it's picked up, he would either do double duty or be forced to make a choice. Similarly, the show's go-to director, Jeffrey Reiner, is helming NBC's Trauma pilot. FNL might be able to carry on without one of its MVPs, but both? Hmm..." — Entertainment Weekly

The show has survived on the ability to make trade-offs ... everyone who's more technically adroit got to watch the new ones four months before I did, it's still good, it's still good ... the Landry-Tyra murder plot in Season 2 was just a little heavy-handed, it's still good, it's still good ... how are Riggins and Lyla still seniors in Season 3, it's still good, it's still good.

Two more seasons? That is beyond good news. It's enough time for Eric Taylor to build the team at East Dillon into a contender for State.

(Don't try to be smart and point out Tim Riggins/Taylor Kitsch's storyline involves him going to college next season. It's just that how was he best friends forever with Jason Street (Scott Porter), who was a senior in the first season? It was bad enough we're supposed to believe that Lyla Garrity, the siren played by the Jeter-tainted Minka Kelly, could have been head cheerleader as a sophomore.


'Friday Night Lights' close to scoring a renewal?
(Michael Ausiello, Entertainment Weekly)


Big V said...

My predictions...

Mr. Harrity will become an east dillon booster, and lure some of the key players away from the panthers... The team will have all kinds of personell issues, infighting etc. All year they will get pounded and in the season finally, the east dillon team will lose on a last second pass from the panthers new young QB.

At some point the panthers coach will faulter and they will try and ask Coach taylor to come back... he will be torn and will stick with east dillon...

just a few predictions...

sager said...

Not to get hung up on plot, but the season finale should also involve:

East Dillon going up 22-0 in the first half.

Taking a lead with 30 seconds left to play in regulation, only to give up a game-tying TD on a kickoff return of 89, no, make that 88 yards.

Having a game-winning extra point attempt go under the crossbar because the poor kicker is trying to kick on a field that's as soft as sand.

Oh, and Mrs. Coach's younger sister (played by Canadian Jessalyn Gilsig) comes back with a new man. He's balding, wears glasses and tells everyone in Dillon that three-down football in Canada is the only real football, but he's very nice and will do whatever he's told.