Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fronts: That's presuming people watch Sportsnet, Two-Five

Ethan Werek does give the Kingston Frontenacs some redeeming qualities, unlike a certain owner and general mangler (not a typo) one could name, so he's entitled
"The next day we had a matinee match against London. We kept up with them until the third when the refs decided to get some TV time on Sportsnet by awarding us an endless amount of penalties. We lost that game 7-2, but we competed hard and it was a good weekend for the team." (emphasis mine)
This is where the uptight hockey types possibly swoop down and put the kibosh on the noble Werek's blogging efforts, but to them, we say, "hard cheese."

Werek is showing some personality and he's a 17-year-old having fun, and it's the end of another lost season in Kingston. Point being, the Frontenacs hierarchy, after the gong show perpetrated on Kingston fans across the past eleven seasons, has no moral authority to play censor. There's probably no repercussions anyway. That would require actual effort from GM-for-life Larry Mavety. We can't have that sort of thing in Kingston.

Kinger had a great interview with Werek, who's taking first-year Politics at Queen's, a couple weeks ago on CFRC 101.9. Someone double-dog dared Kinger to ask, "Who's more dysfunctional? The Frontenacs or the Queen's Political Studies department? Go!" Sanity prevailed, which is further proof that Kinger and Werek are the future.

Incidentally, it is venerable 67's coach Brian Kilrea's final game in Kingston tonight. Who knew Killer's middle name was Blair?

Werek's World (Coming Down The Pipe!)
And in the 8th game... (Patrick Kennedy, Kingston Whig-Standard)


Sportsdump said...

well said, and I thought everyone gets only one channel SpringerVision Cable 13 - I should take my television back where I bought it

kinger said...

Two thoughts.

One, why didn't the Frontenacs think of doing stuff like this?

Two, hopefully Ethan realizes like I did that nobody "needs" to finish that politics essay for tomorrow. Ha! Cynicism FTW!

sager said...

@ Kinger: Because Larry Mavety's view of the Internet is firmly rooted in 1998, the last time Kingston got by the first round of the playoffs.

Does this also mean the chant should be changed to, "Cars hurt, frosh! And that essay really isn't due tomorrow."

Anonymous said...

Haha, that would have been really awesome had Kinger actually asked Werek to compare the Fronts and POLS. As a POLS grad, though, I'd have to say that comparing the department to the Frontenacs is like comparing a guy with a couple of scrapes and bruises to a guy who's taken six shotgun rounds to the chest.