Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snark break ...

As you were lighting a cosmopolitan flare," whatever that is. Portland is closer to getting its soccer stadium and getting into MLS.

The NCAA Tournament begins in earnest one week today. Once you get past the whole not-paying-the-players part, it's a lot of fun to watch. Some of us prefer the CIS Final 8; it's a little more pure.

The all-hockey, all-the-time routine gets a bit tedious in Canada. As one wag put it, "At least we've got hockey. And Scandinavia, Minnesota and nobody else are very impressed."

Terrell Owens is signed and the more accomplished veteran receiver out there, Marvin Harrison, is sitting by the phone. That's not right. So much for maintaining blog silence on Terrell Owens joining the Buffalo Bills. Once you've called someone T-Emo, your feelings are pretty obvious.

There will be a hundred tributes to Ottawa 67's coach Brian Kilrea, so it probably won't hurt to joke that it's time to go if he honestly believes the Kingston Frontenacs are a "good young team." Seriously, Killer is great.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Ricky Rubio would look good in a Raptors uniform; perish the thought.
  • Eight days until the release of I Love You, Man.
  • Using Twitter to bash NHL beat writers is just making it more dated, faster. Down Goes Brown, by the way, has some good thoughts on beat writers.
  • Hey, the alma mater earned an OFSAA volleyball medal yesterday. The Ernestown Eagles, coached by Vicki Ward, earned the ancient bronze medal at the Double-A provincials in Kenora (they lost in the semifinal to Ottawa's Samuel Genest, which eventually took the silver).
  • Remember the name: Tyson Hinz. He was a meast for the St. Matthew's Tigers in their run to the gold medal at the Ontario Triple-A championship in Ottawa this week. It's the second gold in a row for an Ottawa school.


Anonymous said...

Truer words never spoken than the "all hockey all the time" article. I used to love nothing more than the game. I'm now on the verge of hating it, I just can't stand this introverted attitude we have now. We don't want to compete, we're just happy dominating a sport no one much cares about. We ought to embrace the summer sport, we have so little summer here. And we're good at it.

Once in a while, there's a glimmer of truth. Last night at my kids hockey banquet, the local junior B coach spoke, and he told the kids they'd never play together as a group again, savour it, and in your final weekend as a group, make memories, positive ones, because in 20 years, THAT's what you'll remember. He also urged all players that it was now time to GO PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. Play all the sports, but not hockey. Specifically, "Don't play spring hockey".

You oughta seen the smattering of "big league dads" squirm as he talked about it.

Thanks coach, you just might get this dad through a few cold winters at the rink with his kid. Hell, if this catches on, we might actually have seasons again and I won't have to leave the country.

Thanks coach.

krister said...

Coach of the Year material for those comments about 'go play something else'. This is a guy who sees the bigger picture. Good for him,

Anonymous said...

Any word yet if Tyson Hinz has made his choice between McGill and Carleton?

sager said...

Wayne Kondro has that covered exceptionally well, I expect. I plan on writing a feature on Tyson in the very near future.

He was money for St. Matt's in the final. They had a 16-5 run that bridged the third and fourth quarter where he figured into all 16 points. He scored 10 (three baskets, all tough ones, and four free throws), made two great passes to Garnet Blais (St. Matt's other forward) for baskets inside and set a great screen for Jeremy Leonard-Smith to can a long jumper. Hinz also altered a couple shots and grabbed a couple rebounds, very impressive.

Wayne noted it was between Carleton and McGill for Hinz. He also noted that Bishop's coach Rod Gilpin was interested in Jeremy Leonard-Smith.