Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last thing he'll wanna do is hang around there

Mike Danton is apparently back in Canada and in a jail that is not so far from his tormentor, Dave Frost:
"After petitioning to be moved to a Canadian prison since 2005, Danton finally got his wish on March 19th as he was transferred to Kingston Penitentiary.

"Under Canadian law, Danton is now eligible for full parole."
Anyway, the Hockey God should have plenty to say.

(Update: Kingston reporter Rob Tripp, who's a digger if ever there was one, says Danton's likely at Millhaven Pen. But was it Millhaven Maximum Security?)

Danton transferred to Canada, now eligible for parole (TSN.ca)


Dennis Prouse said...

Apparently it will be some time, maybe a number of months, before Danton would actually be paroled.

He has talked bravely about re-starting his hockey career, but I just can't see it. First of all, will he ever be allowed to re-enter the United States? Secondly, how does four years off affect you at age 29? Thirdly, who in the world, outside of a senior league team, would want to come anywhere near this guy, knowing full well that this big, pasty, creepy looking dude would be hanging out at your arena 24/7? No thanks. Mike Jefferson (the name he will take back on the day he finally gets his head back on right) is going to have to start building his life outside the game.

sager said...

The nicest thing people could do for Mike Danton was try to help him help himself and work to build a career, not in hockey.

The NHLPA must have some contacts. They owe him one after failing to protect him from Frost.

Cripes, would he have even skated the entire time he was in prison?

Anonymous said...

The irony of the Mike Danton affair is that Frost was a free man while this poor guy languished in prison.
Frost should have been in jail for at least twice as long as Danton for all the crimes he has committed against young men in the hockey community.
Mike Danton is but one example of the lives that bastard has ruined.