Monday, March 02, 2009

Call them the Saskatoon Dragons

This will probably happen around the same time Jim Balsillie is attending NHL board of governors' meetings, but nevertheless, fun thought from lovable Calgary billionaire, Brett Wilson:
"(CFL commissioner) Mark Cohon and I have had coffee a couple times and I love what he's trying to do in terms of building that brand, but Ottawa is too far away and Halifax doesn't make sense to me.

"But if they ever thought about letting Saskatoon have a team, I'd sure like to partner with the group that buys that. I know that would burn a few bridges in the north and south. The reality is the fan base in southern Saskatchewan is strong enough to support the 'Riders. Could it be divided and could a second team survive there? Oh, there'd be some kicking and squawking and screaming, but you know, once upon a time a group of scientists were certain the world was flat and they were proven wrong. I think it could be done." — Sun Media
Wilson was on the CBC show Dragon's Den, that's the joke. You are aware that the CBC airs 158½ hours a week of programming in between the Hockey Night in Canada doubleheaders and the late-night rebroadcasts that they show instead of old movies (which had been one of its endearing qualities).

It will never happen, another team in Western Canada where the CFL's heart beats strongest. It is far better to take another go at Ottawa.

By the way, did everyone see the recent Corner Gas where Lacey Burrows said she'd been a big fan of the Roughriders, "ever since they moved from Ottawa?" Brilliant.

Another CFL team in Saskatchewan?; Calgary billionaire not just interested in Preds. He'd love to bring a football club to Saskatoon (Eric Francis, Sun Media)


Jordie Dwyer said...

Sager, sager, sager...

First off, the guy only said he would throw in some cash – he is an alum of the U of S too - if someone was interested in bringing a club there...But the fact that I think Cohon has his sights set on Halifax (yes, even before Ottawa) for expansion would preclude another club out west.
Besides, the fans in Saskatoon and up north would rather travel to Regina to sit in the new indoor stadium (might as well, their taxes are going to pay for it) that will be built there in the next few years.
And I personally know why that joke is the show...Brent Butt is a huge CFL fan and well, every fan likes to poke fun at Ottawa...he just has a bigger stage to do it in....LOL

And mention of the U of A Golden Bears running the table to defend (having lost only 6 - that's SIX - sets all season) the men's CIS volleyball title, their fourth in eight years.
Well...I guess us westerners should be used to being ignored

sager said...

I fully admit a Saskatoon team is not happening, but neither is Halifax and I'm not sold on Ottawa. I gave up on them.

Yes, well done Golden Bears. I did my penance covering volleyball back in the day.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sold on Ottawa. I gave up on them."