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CIS Corner: Ottawa baller facing assault charge

Notes on our athletes/teams of interest from The 613 ...

Nepean native William Donkoh, who played at Notre Dame High School and was recruited by Carleton, is among a trio of St. Francis Xavier players facing charges of assault causing bodily harm:
"The RCMP says the charges stem from an incident in Antigonish, N.S., on Feb. 21 that sent a man to hospital with undisclosed injuries.

"No other details about the incident have been released.

"Charged are Tyler Richards, 22, of Halifax; William Donkoh, 19, of Nepean, Ont., and Eamon Morrissy, 19, also of Halifax." — The Canadian Press
This comes just a few days ahead of the AUS Final 6. St. FX, as you know, already has the unfortunate incident involving now ex-assistant coach Garry Gallimore fresh in people's minds.

The young men have their rights. There stands to be public relations fallout for St. FX if it is perceived as putting winning above principles, so it has to make a tough call.

The players have a May 4 court date. It is possible X could say one has little to do with the other and let them play this weekend, but then again, you wouldn't be hearing about it if they weren't St. FX basketball players.

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Three members of St. FX men's hoops team charged (The Canadian Press)

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Anonymous said...

As an X grad I am embarassed and ashamed by the spectacle the x-men have made of themselves and the university over this last year!!I have a simple message for Coach K and the administration of X you reap what you sow! The behavior of these athletes should be held to the highest of standards as they are representing the ideals and integrity of X both on and off the court. For too long they have been treated differently than the rest of the student body. The team is allowed to openly take part initiation rituals for which other students have been banned from campus. Last year one of the players was charged posession of stolen property,electronics stolen from his housemates, he pleaded guilty and believe it or notlast April was given an unconditional discharge with the help of the university and coach k...amazing!!! He still plays on the team and lives in residence...hide your ipods and laptops!!! I'm sure coach K would have bought him the Wii if he had only asked! The unacceptable and shameful behavior of the assistant coach and now these players is not at all surprising these young men believe they have the right to live outside the rules...Coach K is doing them a great diservice, they will be joining the 'real world' in a few short years I'm not talking about the will not tolerate their disrepectful and arrogant attitudes. May I remind the administation of X and Coach K of our Motto "Quaecumque Sunt Vera". " Whatsover things are true, Whatsoever things are honest, Whatsoever things are just, Whatsover things are pure...If there be any virtue and if there be any praise ,think on these things!" Maybe someone could translate that for the x-men basketball team!!