Monday, February 16, 2009

Same deal as last season, for Red Sox fans

There was a quite a consternation last season when it got out that Boston Red Sox fans could buy tickets for Sox-Blue Jays games in Toronto before Jays fans could. Well, it has happened again, not that you can find fault with the policy, given the lack of enthusiasm surrounding the local hardball concern's prospects. This time, Jays management and MLB found a way to get around it.

The Jays website currently lists 2009 Hot Tickets, givinga selection of dates against the Red Sox, Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees, each of whom tend to have a large number of fans follow them on the road when they play in Toronto. When you click through on the link to buy tickets, you're redirected to page offering 10- and 15-game Flex Packs.

In other words, no one can say that the Jays have repeated last year's Godfreyesque gaffe of offering tickets to fans in a foreign country before they were on sale in Toronto. Suppose you live outside the GTA and can only make it to a couple games a seasons. You can still buy tickets for one of the games from the Red Sox' visit to Toronto on the last weekend in May, or for their series in the third week of August when you might be on vacation, but you would have to buy the flex pack. See how they got around it?


rosco said...

there is a presale for jays fans. i am a member of some blue jays email list and was able to access single game tickets through this website:
so ticket sales aren't totally closed off to toronto folk - even if i'm not buying them because i know you can get cheaper tickets from scalpers on game day.

Matthias @ said...

Last year this was huge news on the numerous Jays blogs. Pure outrage by most. Now everyone is like "eh'.

sager said...

Maybe we just matured or got more jaded.

Anonymous said...

Maybe no one gives a fuck!! Much like Rogers!