Monday, January 19, 2009

Save us, Jeebus — but after Super Sunday

Honestly, the We're All Going To Hell label is meant in jest. Jest!
"While soprano Renée Fleming prepared to take the stage at the Lincoln Memorial, one of the street preachers pushed the button on his bullhorn and let it rip: 'You get excited over Obama! You never get excited over Jesus Christ!'

"He held a sign that simply listed the guilty. 'Baby Killing Women, Porno Freaks, Sport Nuts, Drunks, Homos, Jesus Mockers, Mormons.'

" 'Wait a minute,' a young guy in the crowd said to his buddies. 'Sports nuts?' "
Washington Post
Enjoy Inauguration Day. The most enjoyable part, if you're stuck at work, will be listening to middle-aged superiors who still can't accept That One won fair and square.

(The Mockingbird had a post on this, too.)

"Street Preachers" strike discordant note at inaugural concert (Washington Post)


Mike Radoslav said...

That's simply awesome! :)

Dennis Prouse said...

Neate, you're reaching here. The whole, "us against the world" thing might have been appropriate for Obama two years ago, but the level of public support he is receiving now, even from those who didn't vote for him, is overwhelming. Aside from the occasional fruitcake or talk radio barker, Republicans have been universally gracious towards him and his incoming Administration. Obama himself has commented on this several times.

As for the media, they have abandoned all sense of neutrality in the last week or so. The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today are all hawking Obama Inaugural products - there's journalistic integrity for you! That's to be expected at at a time like this, and the honeymoon will end quickly enough, but let's not try to suggest that he is swimming gamely upstream against a tide of negativity. At no time in recent history has a President begun his term with a higher approval rating or a bigger bank of goodwill.

P.S. It appears as if Bush did not issue any last minute pardons today, contrary to prediction. This stands him in rather stark contrast to Clinton, whose final day orgy of pardons was embarrassing. Shockingly, no media outlets have commented on this.

sager said...


With all due respect, the crux of it was simply to make light of the religious zealots including "sport nuts" among all the people whom they believe are headed straight to hell -- and the fact this site has had that "We're All Going To Hell" label for quite some time.

If I want to express best wishes to people that they enjoy Inauguration Day, that's my business.