Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snark break ...

Hey, let's be cynical bastards ...

It would be ironic if Canada lost the World Junior hockey gold medal to Sweden. In Sweden, there's a chance a promising hockey player might actually serve his country. In Canada, we just have them do a photo op at a military base.

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, who claims residency in Barbados, which allows him to avoid paying taxes that support the Canadian Forces, had some nerve to participate in that PR stunt.

The holidays are wonderful. The little ones can barely sit still, giddy with anticipation, waiting for the magical day could arrive sooner. They keep begging for a taste, please can I open just one gift ... but enough about the Toronto media waiting for Brian Burke to make his first trade.

Trading Carlo Coliacovo and Thomas Steen didn't count? Saying the Double-B had nothing to do with that is like actually believing Oswald acted alone.

More headlines that cannot be written: "Rebuffed due over race, Gill re-ups with Buffalo."

Former CFL quarterback Khari Jones is the new quarterbacks coach for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He never would have got that job in Winnipeg!

Another headline: "Canadian Idol-ed for a year." ... but please, don't waste your creativity on the old joke, "So-and-so was so distraught, he couldn't go in for his shift at 7-Eleven." It's not only trite, but you end up looking like you remember some of the winners' names.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • Here's an early look at I Love You, ManPaul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel.
  • The Belleville Bulls added more scoring punch, picking up Brandon Mashinter from Kitchener, and managed to get two relatively high draft choices coming their way.

    Mashinter was one of the overage players that the Kingston Frontenacs could have picked up at the start of the season to complete last season's Ben Shutron trade. Instead, GM-for-life Larry Mavety took Yannick Weber, whom everyone knew would be in the AHL.

    So please avoid any comparisons with the Bulls and Kingston Frontenacs. Only one of them is still an Ontario Hockey League team.
  • Ottawa's own Tyler Holmes, who plays offensive tackle for Tulsa, was recently named to the Conference USA freshman team (the things you miss when you're on vacation).
  • OK, so the Canadian Blog Awards voting didn't turn out as well as it could have -- but it's not like this site got less votes it its category than Paul Wells did in the pundit class.
  • Last but not least, there is a second Barry Sanders Jr. highlight video:

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Anonymous said...

Eugene avoiding Canadian taxes, that support our armed forces, by setting up house in Barbados. Now that should be something that Don Cherry can really sink his teeth into.