Thursday, December 04, 2008

Snark break...

Shean Donovan with the toe drag and snapshot in off the post ... it was the Atlanta Thrashers, but nevertheless!

John Tavares is grateful that players on Team Canada can't be traded during the World Junior Hockey Championship. Kingston Frontenacs fan wish there was a rule that prohibited GM-for-life Larry Mavety from trading in between the world juniors. That might not be good enough -- how about Mavety can't make a trade until the next appearance of Halley's Comet? That is not until 2062.

This is how lopsided the Belleville-Kingston rivalry -- 7-1 Bulls last night at the Yardmen Arena! -- has become. The Bulls' Bryan Cameron has 10 goals this season vs. the Frontenacs; the entire Frontenacs team has scored just eight vs. the Bulls. The Frontenacs better get a portion of Cameron's first pro contract.

As a collective, us baseball fans can be crankypantses: We complain there's no action on the free-agency market after sitting through seven months of, well, no action. (The joke's on the people who find baseball dull -- it's only dull to dull minds.)

The Minnesota Vikings will either have the Williams wall (defensive tackles Pat and Kevin) back this Sunday, or not. Really, all speculative pieces of daily journalism should contain the words "or not" as a coda to every sentence. It would be the only thing that would keep those beat writers from becoming clinically insane.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Jason Clermont is no longer with the B.C. Lions. He'll look good in his hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders' green.
  • There is another S. Curry lighting it up in college basketball. Seth Curry is averaging 22 points as a freshman for the Liberty Flames (please, no jokes that the team nickname refers to where school founder Jerry Falwell is spending eternity).

    He's the younger brother of Stephen Curry, who led tiny Davidson to last season's Elite Eight, and the son of ex-Raptors sharpshooter Dell Curry.
  • Believe you me, there was some thought given over the past few days to writing a passionate plea that Belleville Bulls goalie Mike Murphy, the OHL's leading netminder and a Kingston-area native, would get an invitation to the Canadian world junior team selection camp.

    It seemed like a long shot, given Hockey Canada's thing for goalies from the WHL, but speaking as a layperson, it would have been swept to see Murphy given a shot. Canada did pretty well with another OHLer, Steve Mason, as its No. 1 netminder last season.

    Anyone want to lay money on Kingston resident Taylor Hall making the team as a 17-year-old? He could adapt to being a fourth-line energy player.

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