Monday, December 29, 2008

Snark break... don't cry for me, Kazakhstan

These are actual words from ...

... from actual Patriots haters: "I have to admit, the Pats got screwed." Don't get carried away with the small violins. The 11-5 Patriots had the weakest schedule in the NFL, so what if the 8-8 AFC West-winning San Diego Chargers happened to have the second-weakest. Besides, seeing the Dallas Cowboys miss the playoffs is pretty schadenfreulicious. New England is the loathsome team of the decade, but dissing Dallas is forever.

An actual hockey blog, The Two-Line Pass: "I don't get why World Juniors is so entertaining. On paper, you wouldn’t watch these hockey games with a nail gun to your temple." There have been 105 medals awarded in the tournament's history and 103 have gone to the Big Six, but still the IIHF persists with pitting Canada vs. Kazakhstan and Germany.

... an actual Minnesota Vikings fan: "Tarvaris Jackson is starting a playoff game." In the spirit of Lovie Smith's standby two seasons ago, where the Chicago Bears coach would say week after week, "Rex Grossman is our quarterback," Tarvaris Jackson will be fine vs. the Eagles. Really.

Another reason for a Vikes fan to be sanguine: Their out-of-division opponents next season include the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals, St. Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns.

... an actual NHL coach. Vancouver's Alain Vigneault said of the Senators last night, "This is not a physical defence," after the Canucks' easy 3-0 win last night.

(The Senators' extended road trip is the best advertisement for buying an XM radio. XM carries the home team's broadcaster for every game, so last night you would have heard the Vancouver broadcasters all but laughing over the Senators' struggles last night. Sic transit gloria, franchise that's been around since 1970 and hasn't won a Stanley Cup.)

... an actual observer at a Kingston Frontenacs game: "I think I had more people at my wedding," TV Cogeco's Tim Cunningham said of the crowd, announced at 2,867, at the Kingston Frontenacs' 4-1 loss to Belleville last night.

Another day in the life for the Frontenacs: They've made a mockery of the concept of leadership. Ethan Werek became the third player to wear the captain's "C" (called that one two weeks ago!), but the previous rotating captain, George Lovatsis, is no longer wearing an alternate captain's "A." It's 37 games into a 68-game season -- shouldn't a team have some idea of who should have a letter on his sweater?

Last but not least, an illegal forward pass might have been Brett Favre's final act on a NFL field.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • Please, no Detroit Lions jokes. Considering everything Michiganders and people in the Windsor, Ont., area are going through with the upheaval in the auto industry, it's piling on.
  • Calgary Flames prospect Daniel Ryder might have blown his second chance at a hockey career. From The Rink should likely have more later today.
  • It's odd how things work out. The Belleville Bulls' Mike Murphy might be the best junior hockey goalie in Canada, and he's from the Kingston area. Once upon a time, Belleville native Andrew Raycroft was CHL goalie of the year while playing for Kingston.
  • Thirty-three million people in Canada and The Hour has Sarah Palin as a guest on its New Year's Eve show.

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