Friday, November 28, 2008

Snark break...

It's Thankgiving weekend in the U.S., but one turkey looks like he'll get off scot-free in Canada.

The Detroit Lions must never be allowed to appear on a Thanksgiving Day game ever again. Granted, it's easier for a Canadian, but yours truly's football-watching might have amounted to less than one quarter yesterday -- the Lions spoiled the ol' appetite.

Back in the day, the tradition was for the Green Bay Packers and Lions to always play on Turkey Day. That stopped after a game in 1962 when the Packers were unbeeaten until the Lions hammered them, sacking Bart Starr 11 times. Vince Lombardi had enough of that and clearly, he's inflicting a terrible punishment on the Lions from the Great Beyond until the NFL takes decisive action. It's either that or the Lions just blow.

(Careful, Sags, the Vikings play them next week.)

The Canucks celebrating 16 Days of Trevor Linden on their website. As of this moment, only Leafs fans can mock the Leafs for deifying a significantly above-average talent ever again.

Four out of five neurotics will be pleased to hear Larry David is starring in a Woody Allen movie. The line, "These pretzels are making me thirsty" had better be in there.

The above was worth nothing, but this is worth noting:

  • In the OHL, the Brampton Battalion finally lost, meaning the Kingston Frontenacs already have their excuse for tonight. "Once we didn't have that motivation, our game went to hell."
  • Ottawa native Erik Galas, the most prolific pass-catcher in Canadian university football history, isn't done yet at McGill. He's signed on to play duty with the McGill basketball team. Galas is from Orleans, which is where McGill coach Craig Norman got a pretty good player, Kevin Dulude, from when he coached at RMC.

    Hey, maybe Galas, Norman, Kingston native Pawel Herra and McGill will play in Ottawa in March, for a little tournament called the CIS Final 8.
  • Brian Burke has found work. That's nice.

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