Friday, November 28, 2008

Deaf ears can't be frozen ...

There's a hole in this story about how as big as the roof at the Rogers Centre.
"Another factor: the roof is locked in place after baseball's Blue Jays end their season.

" 'I wish we could open it,' (Rogers Communications spokesman Adrian) Montgomery said. 'But please let them know that we recognize how important this game really is. And we will do everything in our power to replicate the frenzied atmosphere at Ralph Wilson Stadium."
The Buffalo Bills fans who are clamouring to have the roof open for the Dec. 7 game might want to see this clip.

The Toronto Argonauts had a home game on Oct. 18, three weeks after the Jays' season ended. The roof was open for the first half, but was closed at halftime. Why can't the people in charge just be honest, and say that their stadium is not weather-proofed (drainage and such) and that Toronto fans are not going to pay 500 bucks to sit outdoors?

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