Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snark break...

Roberto Luongo was injured in the Canucks' game today. I never saw an entire team get helped off the ice before!

More great ledes that cannot be written: "It was classic Vince Carter and classic Sam Mitchell last night."

The New Jersey Nets would win the NBA championship if Carter could face the Raptors 82 times a season. All you need to know is that Carter is the worst kind of person for claiming these games against the Raptors don't matter -- it was five years ago -- and then acting like he won the Olympic gold medal and NBA title on the same day when his team beats the Raptors.

Honestly, Raptors fans have moved on, or would have, if the Raptors could hold an 18-point lead or find a way not have Jose Calderon guarding Vince Carter in the endgame. They blew 18-point lead, couldn't deny Carter the ball twice on sideline out-of-bounds plays at the end of a quarter, that falls on the coaching. They also ran a last-second play for Jamario Moon instead of Chris Bosh, which seems, well, odd. RaptorsTalk is already speculating that Dec. 17 is the "over/under" on Sam Mitchell's ouster.

You have to love this bit of arrogance from NHL second-in-command Bill Daly: "God bless the Canadians. The fact that they love hockey so much is great for us, and great for our business." Our business? Which country's fans are keeping this league alive ... just wait until Jim Balsillie gets his hooks into the Nashville Predators.

Pro Football Talk is up in arms over a video that shows a NFL executive celebrating after Brett Favre's Jets beat the Patriots in overtime. The NFL openly rooting for Favre? Never.

(No word of a lie, I was watching this episode with a family member who does not follow the NFL, doesn't know Brett Favre now plays for the Jets. Even he laughed.


Robert C. said...

Hadn't seen a Raptors game in months but caught the end of that one. Fun game.

Especially because of the Toronto player who with 4 minutes to play signaled the game was over. Really, with 4 minutes to go you get cocky? Then the choked away the lead and you know the rest.

Andrew Bucholtz said...

If that injury's bad, the Canucks are now officially screwed.

Anonymous said...

Carter's performance against the Raptors proved what Toronto basketball fans knew all along...that Carter on far too many nights mailed it in when he was a Rap.
Worse yet, he purposely feigned injury to get out of games.
The guy is a dishonest jerk, and it's no wonder he's reviled in Toronto.