Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Kyle Turris, available for the World Juniors? Some would say Wayne Gretzky owes Hockey Canada one for the Todd Bertuzzi debacle.

Apparently everyone has forgotten the NFL's long, proud history of the Vikings getting hosed on the calls against the Packers.

Hockey on Remembrance Day is wonderful. It reminds us that so many made the ultimate sacrifice to keep Jason Spezza from having to make the smallest ones. (Did you see that lazy penalty Spezz took last night?)

The Giller Prize went to a novel that is set in a small town. No one saw that coming, except everybody.

Kevin Garnett taunting Jose Calderon, for both of you who haven't seen it.

The above was worth nothing, this is worth noting

  • Yours is not to question why you get a great, comprehensive feature about NHLer Raffi Torres' family in a U.S. daily, not in his own country.
  • Vancouver Canucks fans, all things considered, really have not suffered, so sayeth the Kurtenblog.
(The World of Junior Hockey gets the glove-tap for the Turris link.)


Dennis Prouse said...

I know Turris is a talented player, but the history of bringing in players at the last minute from the NHL is spotty at best. When they drop in at the last minute like that, they never do seem to be able to fit into the team. Unless the Coyotes are willing to free him up right from the beginning of Canada's December evaluation camp, which gets underway about two weeks before opening day, I doubt whether Hockey Canada would take him, tempting as it might be.

Anonymous said...

I thought part of Boyden's novel was set in Manhattan as well? Not that small of a town.

sager said...

It's picaresque ... starts in rural Northern Ontario, works it way to Manhattan.

eyebleaf said...

KG's a douche.

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Bah, I think we've suffered: we had to endure Mark Messier and Mike Keenan destroying our franchise, for pete's sake! Their point that many others have seen worse is fair, though, and things are looking much better for Vancouver fans than, say, those down the I-5 in Seattle. At least the Lions and Whitecaps are doing well (and the Canucks aren't too bad this year, yet).