Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fronts: You're insane! But you might also be brilliant

Either Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer is either the least ironic, least self-aware person going or Andy Kaufman faked his death and created this alter ego of a small-town junior hockey mogul.

The gang over at Fronts Talk did not let this quote, given to some Kingston magazine, slide by:
"I'm not just a hockey fan. I enjoy watching the NFL. My favourite team is the New York Giants. Last season was banner year for them with Eli Manning: as quarterback, Now, Manning was a guy who was a draft pick the Giants had traded for, and they took a lot of criticism at the time. Look what he's done for the team. I can certainly relate to that as owner of the Kingston Frontenacs. Patience pays off."

Kaufman's shtick was to do something way out there just to push people's buttons. Springer drawing an analogy to the New York Giants being champions of a 32-team league, four years after drafting Eli Manning — when his own team has gone a decade without winning a playoff round in a league where 80 per cent of the teams make the playoffs, well, it certainly pushes some buttons. It also pushes the gag reflex.

If Springer is Andy Kaufman, does that make GM-for-life Larry Mavety Tony Clifton? Mavety, if you got him one-on-one, certainly would claim, as Clifton often did, that Springer is actually the one ruining his "good name." After all, His Royal Mavesty has never ever been to blame.

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