Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lansdowne Park: Hunting down the real prize

A good prop bet: Ottawa will sort out what to do with Lansdowne Park about the same time it gets light rail.

The word "cronyism" was getting bandied about in some comment senctions in response to the news Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien is considering only one proposal for the historic downtown site. Who knows where this is headed, but one prevailing sentiment is that the Ottawa Third-And-Longs cannot be the big carrot for the moneybagses, including Jeff Hunt, whom one might argue is sort of putting a populist face on the business elites' plans for the site (hey, if the end justifies the means, nothing wrong with that). It should not take such a production to get a Canadian Football League team back in Ottawa, and that, far as this cowboy is concerned, doesn't inspire much optimism about getting the league back.

Maybe they will figure it out, but by the time this city has, global warming will have made it possible to skimboard on Dow's Lake in December.

Doucet backs down on Lansdowne Park: City will not reopen design competition while it considers Jeff Hunt proposal (Ottawa Sun)
City of Ottawa to review CFL Lansdowne proposal, won't seek others (


GoGades said...

Cronyism ? Wow.

Lansdowne Park has been an asphalt wasteland for decades now, and the city has let the stadium crumble. The football team, long a source of civic pride, has become the punch line to dozens of jokes.

Now that we have finally a group of people ready to do something about it, they get called every name in the book.

WTF is wrong with people in this city.

sager said...

Yeah, it was all over the one comments section ... they're like crabs in this town sometimes ... one jumps up, the rest pull them down.

Roger Greenberg, Bill Shenkman, these guys have the do-re-mi ... ultimately I do wonder if this has got to the point where the earth has been salted with the CFL ...

GoGades said...

ultimately I do wonder if this has got to the point where the earth has been salted with the CFL ...

Nah... If they ut together a well-run team in a pleasant stadium, that reaches out to the community on both sides of the river, and people will be back. (aka: do the exact opposite of what has happened since 1980).

There's nothing like a football game at Lansdowne on a beautiful summer evening or fall afternoon.