Monday, November 03, 2008

Milton could be part of paradise found, for the price of a Penny

Trafficking in free agency and trade rumours for the big three North American leagues (and the NHL) is usually verboten here ... but MLB Trade Rumours' has posted its predictions regarding the destination of the top 50 baseball free agents. The caveat is Tim Dierkes says he would be happy to be "correct on a quarter of these guesses."

With that disclaimer, MLBTR says that A.J. Burnett will be an Oriole (Drunk Jays Fans has called that one) after he opts out of his contract. The Jays will add DH Milton Bradley from the Texas Rangers -- who only OPS+'d 163 to lead the American League this summer -- and L.A. Dodgers right-hander Brad Penny. The Dodgers seem likely to decline Penny's option and go with the kids, as the kids say.

And in about three seconds, some American will joke that Penny should play in Canada, where there isn't any sensational tabloid media.

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Andrew Bucholtz said...

Wow... I'd be pretty excited about a Blue Jays squad with Bradley and Penny. That looks like a pretty big upgrade to me.