Monday, November 03, 2008

It's his Bagg, baby

Rider Rumblings, the best CFL beat writer blog going, has just posted an interview with Kingston's own Rob Bagg about his rookie season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

This weekend's division final, for us Kingstonians, is a Frontenac-Holy Cross matchup, as in the old high schools of Bagg and Lions defensive end Brent Johnson.


Anonymous said...

You have Holy Cross over La Salle?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Holy Cross and FSS this Saturday. FSS looked great today dismantling the Sydenham Golden Eagles.

sager said...

OK, I totally phrased that sentence wrong ... I meant Frontenac-Holy Cross in that Bagg's on the 'Riders and he went to Frontenac; Brent Johnson went to Holy Cross and he's on the Lions.

But evidently, in messing it up, I ended correctly predicting the teams in the Kingston high school final. That is pretty good. I have seen maybe 3 games all-time six years ago when my brother was a cornerback for Napanee.