Sunday, November 16, 2008

About as inspired as the effort vs. the Isles...

What better time to break out a third jersey and charge a couple hundred bucks for it than when your team is tanking worse than the global economy?

It seems like a fair question. No doubt some of you already saw it on icethetics, but on the right is the presumptive Ottawa Senators third jersey.

Just say it and get it out of your system: They can't change the 20 players wearing the jerseys, but can change the 20 jerseys being worn by the players. Anyway, over to the icethetes:
"As with the Sharks leak two nights ago, the image quality is certainly lacking, but you get the gist. It's black with the word SENS scrawled across the chest. It's got a unique striping pattern under the arms we haven't seen on any other EDGE NHL sweater.

"...I'd like to see it on a player, but this may be toward the top of my list of new third jerseys. However, I would've preferred either the secondary 'O' logo or the new 2D logo introduced last year on the front."
Obviously, the Senators planned to introduce a third jersey long before thoughts of the team plunging faster than gas prices were top-of-mind. Really, when you think about it, there's a point behind this capitalistic excess -- because the way the Sennies are going, they need a huge bailout.

(Glove tap to Amrit Ahluwalia and Milway at There Is No Original Name For This Sports Blog.)

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Anonymous said...

"Third jerseys"
"Revenue streams"
Arghh...god, I hate today's NHL.
And those uniforms...brilliant.
Must have been designed by the same guy who did those wonderful Vancouver Canuck jerseys.
But somebody will buy 'em...they always do, don't they?