Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fronts: Sarcasm is as wasted on these guys as getting the first five power plays...

There is some good news for Kingston Frontenacs GM-for-life Larry Mavety and his beleaguered Limestone City shinny concern.

They only have to get through these next seven games against teams who are at or near the .500 mark before the Peterborough Petes visit the K-Rock Pot again on Dec. 5. Please understand that this site, and others, have had it all wrong. Mark Potter cleared up a huge misunderstanding that has been lost on us cranks who believe winning more games than you lose is the measure of a hockey team.

(Zack Fenwick's sucker punch on Oshawa's Conor Stokes, well, this is what happens when young men are frustrated at being pawns in the owner's game.)

As Mark said in his tour de force performance on the king of Kings' radio show last Friday, the way it works in the world of the Kingston Frontenacs, you only have to win one game every so often for Larry Mavety to be able to start talking about the playoffs.

It might have been intended as sarcasm on Potter's part. What is clear is that some sensitivity is needed since Frontenacs owner Doug Springer's goat is a particularly thin-skinned one. Perhaps it should be taken literally.

That means the word "sorry," for a change, should not go in front of the word "organization." It is OK that the Frontenacs have, counting pre-season have lost 24 of their 29 games this season. It is excusable that His Royal Mavesty's brigade could not put a dent in the Oshawa Generals in a 3-1 loss tonight, despite having a 5-0 edge in power-play opportunities across the first 40 minutes of the game. Of course, when the 'Shwa finally got the odd man early in the third period, they scored post-haste to make it obvious the issue had been settled.

The crew over at Save The Fronts have already pointed out that the Frontenacs (15 points from 23 games, putting them on pace for a 44-point campaign three seasons after they put up 81 under Jim Hulton) have a seven-game slate that includes five games against the Belleville Bulls, Brampton Battalion and Ottawa 67's, the top three teams in the OHL's Eastern Conference. The other two are against Kitchener, which was in this event called the "Memorial Cup" last season (as a lifelong Kingston fan, not sure what that is) and at the Niagara IceDogs in the finale of a 3-in-3 weekend. Chances are, the Frontenacs catch some team when it's taking a night off, as some teams do against Kingston.

Really, though, his Royal Mavesty should have an advent calendar to mark the days until Peterborough is back in town. Win that one, and he can start talking playoffs!

Here is the Fenwick sucker punch. This is what happens when players' frustrations over being with a bad organization which has its head in the sand reach a low boiling point. Doug Springer, you allowed this happen when you refused to fire Mavety, Tony Cimellaro and Dick Cherry.

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