Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Snark break ... all jokes written by Owen Lippert

As you were finally getting your chance to ask tough questions of Gov. Palin.

The Oklahoma City Thunder's uniforms look like they were ripped off from someplace else. That must have been what owner Clay Bennett was going for.

The Canucks making Roberto Luongo their captain isn't so unusual. NHL teams usually bestow that honour on a player with a good chance of being their leading scorer.

(The Canucks have no offence. That's the joke.)

It's great to know that John Gibbons could be landing on his feet.

For what it's worth, Clay Aiken must have been shocked to hear that former NFL bust Tony Mandarich has come out as a steroid user.

The post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting

  • Stephen Brunt believes Jim Balsillie will get a second NHL team for Southern Ontario.
  • Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis (he's a Queen's grad) will be on The Score's Hardcore Hockey Talk on Wednesday.
  • Lane Kiffin is so going to be next football coach at Syracuse.


Dennis Prouse said...

I can't see Kiffin going to Syracuse. There will likely be at least two Pac-10 jobs opening up next year, (Washington for sure, and perhaps Arizona as well), so Kiffin will probably sit tight and wait for that interviewing process to unfold. Alternately, he could hook up with an NFL staff as an offensive coordinator. Given Syracuse's brutal personnel, and the recruiting challenges they face, why would a guy with a big name and a pedigree want to go there right now? On paper, Greg Robinson was a very good hire for them, and he tanked. Rather, I think an existing head coach at mid-major, or even a Div II school would see the the Syracuse job as a good opportunity.

I just hope Kiffin sues Davis's tail off, not only for the salary but also for defamation. I'm not sure how the NFL handles contract disputes - it wouldn't surprise me if their is a binding arbitration clause in there in order to avoid ugly, public court battles. After yesterday's bizarre, pathetic news conference by Al Davis, though, it strikes this non-lawyer that Kiffin might have a pretty good case to pursue for defamation of character.

Rob Pettapiece said...

Re: Balsillie, I am going to steal, shamelessly, a few paragraphs from a friend of mine:

For those who live in Canadian cities that don't have an NHL team but sometimes hear they might get one, I'll provide you with Five Pie-In-The-Sky Canadian NHL Destination Rules To Live By. These are the rules I follow when a rich man announces that he has an interest in bringing an NHL team to Hamilton.

Not coincidentally, these are exactly the same rules I used to follow (in my single days) when an attractive woman proposed to have sex with me.

1. make the appropriate noises of interest;
2. watch them warily and *very* closely for signs of instability;
3. commit absolutely no money to the venture until the deal is actually moving forward;
4. control your public signs and symptoms of excitement to the maximum possible extent; and
5. expect *absolutely nothing* to actually happen.