Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rapidz: Gonna Zip it, because the point is probably moot

It seems best to go Voltaire and pass along Earl McRae's take on the Ottawa Rapidz gong show.
Bye, bye Ottawa Rapidz. A real sports person could have told you that semi-pro baseball wouldn't work here. Aside from the lousy early-season, late-season climate, Ottawans don't like baseball in the sustainable number of fans needed to make it work.

This is surprising given the essential nature of Ottawans and baseball: Slow. Often boring. Prone to narcolepsy.
By extension, then, Miles Wolff -- not a real sports person, huh?

I'll say it: Blaming the Rapidz' demise on the customers is like blaming Enron's accounting frauds on its customers. They had 4,000-plus fans out for the first few games, and that would have kept up had their owners not revealed themselves time and again to be nincompoops.

Yeeeeerrrrrrrrr out!; Please, no more pro baseball teams in sleepy Ottawa (Earl McRae, Ottawa Sun)


Duane Rollins said...

I feel for baseball fans in the capital. McRae's column mirrors that of 1,000 others that have been written from coast to coast in this country...they aren't directly bashing the sport, but they are using that I-told-you-that-nothing-but-hockey-matters condescension that is the requirement of Canadian sports writers of a certain age.

As a soccer guy, I've seen it before. Many, many times. It's almost like you're supposed to feel guilty for likely something so un-Canadian...

So, yeah...I feel for baseball fans in the capital.

GoGades said...

Meh. Typical McRae "let's rile up people" piece. He does this often, nothing to get worked up about.

Anonymous said...

Earl should be happy he writes in a town like Ottawa.
Where else would his coma inducing shtick work?

Ih8neate said...


I know Earl McRae. Earl McRae is a friend of mine, and believe you me, princess, you are no Earl McRae.

Nor are you Don Brennan, Wayne Scanlan, Bruce Garrioch, Ken Warren, Chris Stevenson or any of the REAL media in Ottawa of whom you are so fond of villyifying because they have a real job in the media and you don't. Get a life!

Tao of Stieb said...

Garrioch, Brennan, Stevenson...O the lofty heights to which one of us mere bloggers can aspire.

"REAL" media...pffft. Please. These aren't writers. They are typists. And press box hot dog horders.

sager said...

Tao ... ix nay on the ypists-tay, I ork-way ith-way ome-say of hem-tay.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it figures ih8neate is Earl McRae's buddy.