Monday, October 27, 2008

Charles Dubin: 1921-2008

It's sad that we are in a time when the death of a judge becomes a time to reflect on sports, but it is what it is.

Ontario Chief Justice Charles Dubin, the man who lead the Dubin Inquiry after Ben Johnson's positive test in '88, died this morning.

That work is widely known the world over. It hasn't led to less drugs in sport-it's unclear that anything can--but it's likely that the Dubin Inquiry has created a world where the consumers of sport are more aware of the presence of nasty stuff that makes you faster and stronger.

The battle to get drugs out of sport is far from over. Our society has yet to really decide that we don't want it there. But, when the history of the issue is written Charles Dubin, a Canadian, will be a major player. So, it's worthwhile to give him a second of pause today before we continue to handicap this weekend's football games.

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