Monday, October 27, 2008

Leafs Schenn win Stanley!

Hat's off to Leafs top guy 'till Brian Burke comes for now Cliff Fletcher for making what was likely the bravest decision of his life and possibly in NHL history.

Junior eligible defenseman Luke Schenn is staying in Toronto. By breaking with hockey tradition, Fletcher has once again shown his brilliance. It takes a truly special man to stand up to years and years of puck wisdom.

Schenn will award Fletcher by capturing the Calder. That's obvious. The Norris is the real question.

So, the thinking is that the parade will start at Young and Bloor, head west to Spadina before traveling south to Queen...


eyebleaf said...

Duane, you didn't get my email with the parade route? I'll resend it.

sager said...

See this from Cox Bloc?

"Even the tired meme about Leafs fans planning the parade after a two game winning streak seemed to have been put to rest before the start of the season."

No, it hasn't been. Not by a long shot.

Duane Rollins said...

Yeah, I read that Cox blog this morning and was tempted to write about it myself.

But, for the record, the Leafs fans planning the parade route joke is so cliche by now that it's actually funny again..ya know in that gen X ironic way all us barely employed 30-something journos are so good at.