Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zen Dayley: Travis will soon have as many big hits as Gordie Johnson

Top of the fifth inning at Fenway Park, Travis Snider, three-run home run off Paul Byrd to break open the game on the way to an 8-1 victory. He also adds a double and finishes with five RBI.

This one's for you, Massholes:

(What do you mean, there's still another game to play today? Details.)


  • Those among you lot who like to play GM should take note that Canadian starters Rich Harden and Erik Bedard are each free agents after next season.
  • Sorry for the horn-tooting, but the weather-inflict scheduling snafus -- six doubleheaders today, along with the Houston Astros having no idea of when or where they'll play a big series vs. the Chicago Cubs -- occasions reviving a pet idea: A shorter schedule with more built-in off days.

    It doesn't have to 162 games crammed into 180 or 181 days.
  • The Rays have called up phenom lefty David Price. This is like Christmas morning for a baseball geek.
  • Mike Greenberg, the New York radio personality, argued that Manny Ramírez should be National League MVP for his quarter-season with the L.A. Dodgers. He's just as far gone as John Klima.
  • Carlos Delgado sprucing up his case for Cooperstown. He's still no MVP.
Damn, the Jays

  • An 8-0 lead over the Red Sox? Someone's decision not to follow the first game of today's doubleheader (had a date with a bunch of men who wear yellow and call themselves Gaels) is paying off.
  • Sun Media's estimable baseball writer Bob Elliott is reporting that the Jays will have their Triple-A team in Albuquerque or New Orleans next season. Finally! An excuse to buy an Albuquerque Isotopes cap.

    Basically, your preference comes down to which Simpsons episode you like more: The one when Homer went on a hunger strike to keep the Springfield Isotopes from moving to Albuquerque, or when Marge played Blanche Dubois in a musical adaptation of a Streetcar Named Desire (with Ned Flanders cast against type as Stanley Kowalski)?

    Glove tap to John Edwards, who called that the Jays would end up with a far-flung farm team.
  • Elliott caught up with John Gibbons, who says that he has a Sarah Palin t-shirt. (And Gibby was considered a dumb manager?)
  • The DJF linked to an article in the London Guardian by a BBC personality Colin Murray, who inexplicably, cheers for the Jays. It's always good to get a Brit's perspective on North America's version of rounders (but seriously, Roberto Alomar was one of the "greatest short stops" of all time?).


Andrew Bucholtz said...

A farm team in Albuquerque would be sweet. "Those are Southwestern ingredients!" How do we know it's not just part of an evil plot by the Mayor of Albuquerque, though?

Anonymous said...

There'll be plenty of time for Jays fans to watch Big Sugar videos in October. Sox fans will be otherwise engaged.

sager said...

Tyler, you are the POOFBO (Point-Outer Of The Blatantly Obvious).

It's all about laughing in the face of death -- or in this case, the Jays' virtual elimination, and besides, as I've said before, "The MLB Playoffs on Fox don't need the Jays, and we don't need the MLB Playoffs on Fox."